Alkoholbehandleren (11)

You are here because of issues with alcohol

You or your partner have challenges with alcohol.
It is too much for one of you and over time it poses a real risk.

It can destroy physics, psyche, relationships, job and finances.
But you want change, success and quality of life.

I understand the pain and the challenge.
It is unnecessary and is often about something completely different.

Alcohol gets in the way of what you really want.
And you want to become a better version of yourself.

Now you are tired of being tired of it and something has to happen.
And you want to take care of your work and family during a treatment.

I have the concept that works and more than 30 years of experience.
If you want, this can be a turnaround, a new start and a stepping stone.

How you solve the problem

1. Call +4561661900 and book consultation
2. Confirm immediately with payment
3. Then you are on your way to your goal

Here is the solution to the alcohol problem

Alkoholbehandling på dansk
• Alcohol treatment in English

Effective concept in alcohol treatment over 12 weeks.
Start-up, pre-treatment, primary treatment and after-treatment.
Incl. individual, partner and family therapy.
Physically, psychologically, socially, professionally and existentially.
Create the life, relationship and results you want.

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Privately paid packages

Mapping and start-up
2 initial sessions.
DKK 3,000

Pre-, primary and post-treatment
1 free online personality test.
10 personal consultations.
6 week free meditation course.
DKK 19,500

In 3 months you have finished

3 months of alcohol treatment.
1 free online personality test.
12 personal consultations.
6 week free meditation course.
It is enough for 80-90% if they are ready.
No wait, immediate intake.

Personal sessions anytime, anywhere.
At home, in the summer house or at the office.
Worldwide, online by phone, in Danish as English.

Prices are for therapy and private paid package vouchers.
For businesses, the price is DKK 2,500 ex VAT per voucher.
Possibility of special designed processes after the first two sessions.
Contact information must be provided, but the treatment is anonymous.

Private, anonoumous and personal alcohol treatment

What if

Do you wonder if you’re drinking too much?
If it is unhealthy or damaging your relationships?
Whether it ruins your career or business?
If you become addicted or can learn to drink like a gentleman?

You’re not alone

There are far more than we think.
Together we can do what you cannot do alone.

The questions are

What is the real problem?
Who do you invite into your life to guide you?
How do you solve the problem?
Which process and tools?

The guide

You have already tried yourself. Your methods are not working. And you need a guide. is your personal guide that helps you through your transition in order to become the hero in your own life and to create the life you really want. offers offers discrete, anonymous, fast, flexible, personal, exclusive and full service substance abuse treatment – alcohol treatment / alcohol addiction counseling / alcohol rehabilitation / relapse prevention treatment – worldwide and online in Danish and English. Secondary languages are Swedish, Norwegian, German and French:

• Assessment
• Lifestyle consultations
• Pre-treatment, primary treatment and after-treatment
• Couples therapy and family therapy
• Psychotherapy to adult children of alcoholics
• Business, career and life coaching
• Elite mindshift coaching for quantum leaps

One stop outpatient alcohol treatment

• Alcohol abuse treatment
• Alcohol relapse prevention treatment
• Alcohol addiction counselling
• Alcohol rehabilitation
• Adult children of alcoholics works in the early, middle and some late stages including codependency. The primary focus is alcohol and we aim at supporting you in permanent change, full spectrum success and fulfillment – personal, relational and professional – physically, psychologically/mentally, socially and existentially (spiritual if you want). We fundamentally wish for you to be happy, joyous and free in a beautiful, purposeful and prosprous life.

We can work in cooperation with your partner, family, friends, employer, business and business partners. also treats underlying or related issues like self-image, self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, stress, anxiety, depression, job, career and business issues. The primary method is psychotherapy and relapse prevention treatment. We also offer meditation, yoga and coaching. We don’t offer any medical services or the like, but we will cooperate with the ones you need and want.


We are competent and understand you

We have been there, walked the way and understand you as well as the pain. Tried, studied and learned and worked with anything from self-help groups, therapy, coaching, mentoring, supervision, training and consulting – heart, mind, body and spirit. With education for more than 5.5 mio. Danish kroners and more than 30 years of experience, we have what you need and want. If not, we will look for it.

We are your personal guide

We are basically your personal and confidential guide, traveling together with you and supporting you in taking control, creating the life you want – becoming the best version of you and the hero in your own life. We walk with you as long as you want and we are 100% invested in your success. We don’t give up unless you give up. We either win or learn and win together.

Alcohol abuse treatment while you work offers individual consultations during daytime, so you can continue your daily work, business, obligations and life including family and childre. At the same time you can keep in contact with your valuable relations while you participate in your alcohol abuse treatment program. They matter to you, your health, the alcohol abuse treatment program – and you matter to them and us.

Our specialisation

At everybody are welcome.

We have specialised in working with middle-aged men and women around 35-65 years of age with family and career or self-employed, who have challenges with alcohol and want something more from life.

Possibly in combination with empty-nest syndrome, midlife crisis, something internal, psychological, mental, social, relational, career-wise… Self-image, self-esteem, self-confidence… Stress, anxiety, depression… Family, relationships, infidelity… Anger, sadness, forgiveness, reconciliation … Many also miss more peace, balance, meaning and quality of life. More positivity, open-mindedness, progressiveness, authenticity and personal development.

Some are stuck, have topped out or need a reboot, makeover or a turnaround. Others are also looking for a new goal or purpose in life, the relationship, career or company. A higher degree of mastery, self-management, self-leadership and leadership – in life, at home or at work.

They seek to find direction, unlock their potential, solve their problems, achieve their goals and fulfill their innermost and unconscious dreams. To live a little longer, healthier and better. Preserve the family and experience the grandchildren. More energy, zest for life and vigour. Kompetence, skills and personal development. Perhaps even exploring the spiritual dimension of life.

The common starting point is to handle the challenges with and behind alcohol.

Therefore, they also seek to free themselves from the past, become present in the now and manifest the future they desire. To get back on top, so they can create transformation and reach elevated consciousness, peak states, performance and full spectrum success.

Who can be a client for alcohol abuse treatment

At you do not need to be an alcoholic. In fact it is better to start the alcohol abuse treatment as early as possible. Some clients drink a lot of alcohol and some little. Some have an occasional abuse and binge drinking. Some constant and little. Others heavily in periods. At night or weekends. During the day, at work or alone. Some are social or problem drinkers. Some drink because of their partner or business.

Most people experience increased drinking, alcohol dependence, addiction and alcoholism if they continue. For some it is primarily problematic. For others it is at health and other serious risks or problems incl. the risk of getting physically dependent on alcohol.

For some it is not a problem for themselves, but the partner, family, children and friends or employer, colleges and customers. Some have jobs or other liabilities where just the unfreshness or hangovers poses a health, security or financial risk – for others as well as themselves.

You are welcome at, no matter what your situation is. Below on this page you find a free alcohol abuse test / alcohol addiction test, if you want to test yourself before you call. You can also read about the different stages and categories.

For stages of alcoholproblems

Is alcohol a problem?

It’s really a problem if it’s just a problem for those around you. But first of all, try and see if alcohol is a problem for you. If not, it will also be difficult to find motivation for change.

Do you recognize yourself in the following?

Try to see if you can recognize yourself in one of the categories or phases below.

1) A little too much alcohol too often

You may be drinking too often, too much, too fast or mainly for the effect. Maybe you drink a little every day or more on special occasions. Or a good reason may not be hard to find. Maybe you spend too much money, time, thoughts and energy on alcohol. Maybe it makes you physically and mentally dull or destroys your mood and makes you irritable without you realizing it. It doesn’t take that much before it affects character, efficiency, sleep or work the next day. At times you embarrass yourself and your friends.

However, you are sure that you can control the drinking and that it will not harm you. You think or say that drinking is necessary for your career/business and socially or to relax, de-stress, sleep…

You would probably be offended if you were called an alcoholic or someone told you that you had a drinking problem. If so, you are not alone, there are many who feel the same way as you. Some will of their own accord start to moderate or stop altogether. Others will continue. Of those who continue, a large proportion will end up as real alcoholics after some time.

If we think too much about it or try to control and plan our drinking, then we have basically already lost control to the alcohol. Everyone else manages to drink like a gentleman. They stop for inexplicable reasons all by themselves after a glass or two, without thinking about it. They do not empty the glass before or while standing up. Or are not waiting to get up until the bottle is empty. Others moderate and are only thinking of getting home, alone with the bottle.

Others continue to drink all evening, night or for several days – for equally inexplicable reasons. Here you have reached a point where ‘you slowly start to think that it is unhealthy, inappropriate, a dangerous slippery slope or downright destructive’.

2) Still not an alcoholproblem to you

You experience signs of loss of control and perhaps blackouts, even when you want to be in control. Either it’s hard not to take the first one or it’s hard to stop in time. One is too little and thousands are not enough. Often you totally lose control of yourself when you drink.

You can admit it, but are sure that it will work out. It usually does. With or without help, you’ve started trying different methods of moderation, or quitting. To take breaks, only at the weekend, only beer or wine, a soft drink in between, milk in the whiskey, no later than, never before…

Maybe you’ve started to lose friends. Or you lose interest in those who don’t drink and new ones who are more festive come along. Maybe your career/business is gradually suffering from it.

Sometimes it worries you, and you’ve started to realize that you can’t drink like other ordinary people – and we want to be like the others for all the world.

Sometimes you already drink in the morning, at lunch and the rest of the day to keep your nerves calm. After a serious binge, you are remorseful and assure yourself that you want to quit. But when you get back up, you start to wonder again, if you can make it next time.

Here you are in serious the danger zone. This is already a characteristic of the real alcoholic. Perhaps you can still manage your career/business, relationship, family and children fairly well. They still carry over with you. Might even still cover you. You have by no means ruined everything. Here you have reached a point where ‘you want to wish you could stop’.

3) Now alcohol is getting real serious

Here you have come much further than the person in number II. Although you were once like under number II, you have become worse. The friends have disappeared, the home is on the verge of collapse, the children are now visibly affected by your drink and you can’t keep up with your work, clients, projects…

Maybe the doctor has been called and the sad trip to hospitals and treatment homes has begun. You admit that you are unable to drink like others, but do not understand why. You still cling to the notion that someday you will be able to figure out how you can. You still insist on learning how to drink like a gentleman.

You may have reached the point where you desperately want to stop – but can’t. However, you can still be quite optimistic in cases like this. Here you have reached a point where you are ‘sick and tired’.

4) Last call and maybe last drink or breath

Perhaps you are now at the point where you have completely given up all hope. You have been admitted to one institution after another. You are violent or eventually appear erratic and ‘insane’ when you drink. Though aggression, violence and accidents can occour in all cases and stages.

Sometimes you drink on the way home from detox or the hospital. Perhaps you have had mental disturbances. The doctor shakes his head and begins to consider forced hospitalization. Perhaps you have already been sent away from home.

This picture doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems. Many others have been just as far out. Still, they recovered. Here you have reached a point where you are ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’. You find it harder and harder to stop drinking, even though the effects of the alcohol wear off and you become more and more affected by it.

Alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful

As you can see, alcohol is cunning, baffling, powerful. Many start early as 12-14 years old. Some begin gradually or suddenly and later in life. Some drink socially, others on positive or negative emotions and problems. For some it is heredity or environment, and for others it is in the genes (neurological). Some are not predisposed at all, but if we just train long enough, it will come to everyone.

Don’t wait for the right moment, time or money

If you think you have a problem and want to do something about it, you are welcome at

Call +45 61661900.

High risk situations

If you have a difficulty with control of alcohol, then there (by clobal research) are eight general high risk situations. If you find yourself in one of above stages, you probably also recognise one or more of below high risk situations, which we can work on in your alcohol tretment.

Intra-personal (within the person) risk situations for relapse

1. Negative emotions
2. Negative physical conditions
3. Positive emotions
4. Test of personal control
5. Cravings and temptations

Inter-personal (between persons) risk situations for relapse

6. Conflicts
7. Drinking pressure
8. Pleasant company

For whom is alcohol a problem

Generally it is not a shame to have a problem, but it is a shame not to do anything about the problem. And if just one in the system or field suffers or has a problem with your drinking or the way that you are drinking incl. the various consequences, then the whole field and system basically suffers. Therefore takes any kind of alcohol issue seriously.

The concept of alcohol abuse treatment

The concept of alcohol treatment at is based on individualised psychosocial therapy, harm reduction and relapse prevention therapy. The treatment can encompass psychological, physical, social, business, career and existential areas.

The overall model is a systemic health model striving at self-regulation and fullspectrum success. The work therefore also comprehends the system and the relations – past, present and future. In this frame we offer exclusive, discrete and anonymous therapy, as a personal guide on your way on a journey of finding and unfolding your own sustainable answers and solutions.

The method of alcohol abuse treatment

At substance abuse treatment, alcohol treatment, alcohol abuse treatment, alcohol treatment, alcohol addiction treatment, alcohol addiction counselling, alcohol rehab, alcohol rehabilitation and alcohol relapse prevention treatment are synonyms, and the same basic methods are used for the different substances weather it is alcohol or hash/hashish.

The method at is based on psychotherapy, coaching and meditation. All methodology is evidence based, eclectic, relational, systemic and process orientated. The psychotherapy itself will either be more dynamic or cognitive, according to the needs and reactions of the client. Sometimes psychoeducation is used and at other times the work is more experimental and inductive. Sometimes coaching is used at the surface and at other times it is more therapeutic.

The style varies between support, confrontation, frustration, mentoring and leadership. The aim is insight, responsibility, action and control of your life, behaviour and development. In fact the more responsibility you take of your own alcohol abuse treatment, the better results you can achieve.

It is an action program with a journey from awareness, responsibility, action, correction, self-regulation and success. The therapist is only a support and a guide. Not two people, situations or processes are alike, therefore the alcohol abuse treatment process is a cooperation and co-creation where you and your focus is the most important part in the co-operation and co-creation.

References for alcohol abuse treatment and alcohol rehabilitation

If you are are interested in more information theory and methodology we can refer to: Sundhedsstyrelsens, medicinske teknologivurdering; Søgard Nielsen, psykosocial ambulant alkoholbehandling; Oestrichs, cognitive therapy; Marlatt, relapse prevention; Bandura, theories about social learning; Miller & Rollnick, motivational interviewing., Minnesota treatment, 12-step-programs and others

Since works eclectically (with a basic system and the best of the best of other methods), we are always open to and inspired by other methods and systems – and what works for you. has extensive personal and professional knowledge and experience with several different systems and methods in addition to relapse prevention, talking therapy and meditation.

That also includes 12-step programs, 12-step treatment, Twelve Step Facilitation, TSF, the Minnesota Model, Minnesota Treatment, the Minnesota Cure, Alcoholics Anonymous and AA, and Adult Children of Alcoholics and ACA. The alcohol treatment can thereby also inspired by and can include elements of these methods. is, however and as earlier, a secular, private and independent company. That is to say – non-religious, non-political and free from philosophies, organisations, systems, geography etc.

We recognize you, your mindset, your spirituality, religion and philosophy, etc. If you already have knowledge of the above or other methods that you wish to include in your process, you are invited to bring it up.

We also recommend that after your primary treatment you look for a community and meetings, as your work is an ongoing process around retention – personal development, mental and emotional cleaning and maintenance. In addition, or in combination, you are of course always welcome to supplement with follow-up and maintenance sessions at – as post-treatment.

The business model for alcohol abuse treatment is an independent and private enterprise and the work is paid directly by the client. Therefore the service and treatment is anonymous, fast and efficient. Thus you do not need to pay for a lot of services you do not need or the standard variety of expenditures of a treatment center like admin, staff and facilities. is independent and not restricted by external economical, political, religious, theoretical or geographical limitations. The alcohol abuse treatment can therefore focus on your actual and personal needs, values, beliefs, restraints and last but not least – possibilities. The point of departure is your desires and goals, roadblocks and bottlenecks, and resources and competences. In this way you can have alcohol abuse treatment online by phone. Anywhere and anytime. In your own private setting at home, the summer house, in the car, travelling or at work.

The treatment model for alcohol abuse treatment

The four cornerstones in the alcohol treatmentplan

1. Consultation
2. Free personality test
3. Personal sessions
4. Free meditation course

A twelf week treatmentplan over three months

You start with and benefit from two introductory and clarifying (1) consultations, where we map out the situation. At the same time the preliminary relation and cooperation between the client and therapist is co-created. That creates a common understanding of the core problem, the goal and the work needed. It also ensures a follow up session, that allows for questions, adjustments and optimisation. That creates a safe ground for our decision about continuation and the rest of the work.

After this optimisation and initialisation, you can buy and begin your treatment program with a (2) free online personality test, (3) a klippekort (package voucher) of 10 sessions containing a mix of possibilities of what you need around further pre-treatment, primary treatment and after-treatment – individual sessions as well as sessions with e.g. your partner, family or work for the same price.

Meditation/mental training:
In the treatment package you also get (4) a free six week meditation course with six mental exercises – around love, gratitude, forgiveness and connectedness. The meditation course gives you powerful mental tools for serenity, equnimity, mastery and change – breaking free of the past, getting present in the moment and manifesting your desired future. Meditation has many benefits and can also help you to create elevated consciousness, altered states of mind, perceptual diversity, paradigm shifts, peak performance, full spectrum success, universal connectedness. Together with talking therapy you can with this meditation create further integration and acceleration.

These four elements together create an efficient dynamic with potential for personal growth, acceleration and sustainability. With any of these tools you can over time create substantial value. And here you also get two for one price – therapy and meditation.

The details of the alcohol abuse treatment program is designed in cooperation with the therapist during the ongoing work. Depending on where you are and what you bring up. The best alcohol abuse treatment program is the one, where you can take the most possible responsibility. Like that you take an active part in decisions and design of your alcohol abuse treatment program. If you are ready, responsible, commit and take action, the package of above four element can be enough for about 80-90% of most clients – no promices made, of-course.

Return on investment:
In this way the business model is also integrated with the treatment model – you only need to pay for the packages and take what you need. It is a final purchace with no refunds or transfer and the free services can not be returned or subtracted from the price. We reccomend that you take advantage of all the elements of the package. If you do that and take action you can asure yourself of Return On Investment, because the package and your guide has so much to offer in most areas of life. So you can always ask, pic, extract, use and capitalise at least some elements – no promices made of-course.

If you need more session or want to add Career & live coaching or Elite mindshift coaching, you can add that as an extra purchace.

Alcohol addiction counselling based on relapse prevention treatment

Results can and may not be promised and the more committed, responsible, ready, focused and hardworking you are, the faster you can reach your goals – it is an action program. The more you increase your awareness, responsibility, competences and mastery, the more you can expose yourself to alcohol and high risk situations.

Setbacks and fallbacks are indeed a part of your learning cycle and the program. Alcohol abuse treatment is about turning your tumbling stones into stepping stones. It is strongly advised that you create understanding of this with your relations and job-situation, so co-dependency and other dysfunctional reactions are avoided. As above your relatives can after agreement always be invited to the sessions. That helps not only them, but also you and the system.

The management of is driven by Kasper Larsen, who takes care of all international business. Kasper will typically be your personal point of contact as well as your personal guide. Kasper is from 1966, easygoing, down to earth and likes humor. He loves progress and results. He is typically fast, direct, brave, honest and warm. He understands people and alcohol inside out. Your recovery is his focus, but he also very much enjoys his work and the relational part of it.


Kasper has more than 30 years of experience and an international business background within human resource management, leadership, cooperation, comunication, marketing, management, lean, project management, teams, process consulting, management consulting, facilitation, training, coaching, mentoring, supervision, psychotherapy, psychometrics and psychological tests.

His education encompasses e.g. a European MBA, an international certification in NLP-coaching, a European examination at EAP and EAGT standards as gestalt psychotherapist and international psychotherapeutical training at e.g. Gatla at Master Level. Plus certifications in DiSC personality profiles and the Enneagram. He is also an internationally certified meditation teacher. And internationally examined as a yoga teacher from India.


Kasper has worked with adult children of alcoholics and alcohol abuse treatment since 2006 and has experience with alcohol treatment from Tuba, Blå Kors, Lænken, the social psychiatry and his own practice.

At the Blå Kors he created an outpatient program, instead of the long term internment program, where he not only reduced the length of the program by 50%, he also reduced time of treatment by 50%.

Kasper also has deep experience with 12-step programs / Minnesota / Alcoholics Anonymous / AA / Adult Children of Alcoholics / ACA. Kasper primarily works in Danish or English, but the work can also be supported in French, German, Swedish or Norwegian.


Lately Kasper is certified in Life Coaching – with specialisation in Presence, Mindset, Bioengineering and Connectedness – in order to support those clients, who need to reconstruct their lives after recovery.

Kasper is also certified in Elite Coaching as a Mind- and Paradigm Shift Coach. This is for clients that either are really stuck with some very strong and stubborn (alcohol-)paradigms and/or clients who want to make quantum leaps.

Free alcohol abuse and dependency test

Alcohol test in English

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